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02 May - Captain Randell "Mary Ann" peddle boat on the Murry

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Australian Birthday Today
see video at bottom.

William Richard Randell "Captain Randell" born on 2 May 1824 at Sidbury, Devon, England. Randell was an Australian politician and pioneer born.

Randell was the first man to pioneer of the riverboat industry on the River Murray

The making of the Mary Ann
In 1852, with no experience in the steamboat construction, Randell commissioned local carpenters to build the frame of a 55-foot-long (17 m), 9-foot beam (2.7 m) paddlewheel boat in Gumeracha.

The boat was dismantled, taken by bullock cart across the plains to Reedy Creek Station over 300 km (190 miles) and then to Noa No landing about 2 miles north of the present Mannum.

The Maiden Voyage
The paddlewheel boat was christened the Mary Ann, after his mother
Its first voyage of 24 ,iles, took place was made on 19 February 1853 and on 4 March she arrived at Goolwa.

On arrival, the Mary Ann was greeted in grand style by the lieutenant-governor Sir Henry Young and hundreds of others.

He set off on the return trip that afternoon.

On 25 March 1853 he had navigated to Penn's Reach, a few miles north of Morgan, when low water levels forced him to return. The following year he reached Swan Hill, 1000 miles (1600 km) from the sea at Goolwa.

Prize money
Later that year Captain Cadell won the Government's £2000 prize for the first practicable cargo boat Lady Augusta (The £2000 was soon raised to £4000 on Cadell's agreement to build another boat. By the terms of the contest, the "Mary Ann" was never a contender for the prize.)

His second twin-hulled single paddle-wheel "Gemini", despite its small size and ungainly appearance, managed some feats of navigation into New South Wales.

The “Gemini” reached Lang's Crossing (where Hay stands now), then Brewarrina in 1859, and on another occasion as far as Walgett.

Randell built many more steamers: "Bogan", "Bunyip" (destroyed by fire in 1863 along with its barges), "Ariel", "Nil Desperandum", "Corowa", "Waragery", "Tyro", and "Ruby" Wentworth.

New South Wales was Randell's base for two decades until the 1870s, as he supervised the expansion of his fleet and the burgeoning of trade on the Murray-Darling.

Randell built a residence "Bleak House", a floating dock, wharf and warehouse at Mannum. At its peak around 1860, there would be 20,000 bales of wool unloaded at Mannum and driven by horse teams to Port Adelaide.

After the River life.
Randell represented Gumeracha in the House of Assembly from 1893 to 1899. Being the oldest member of the house he regularly made the trip between his constituency and Parliament House in Adelaide.

Randell moved to North Adelaide, South AustraliaIn 1910 because of failing health and he died on 4 March 1911.

The No. 1 weir and lock at Blanche Town on the Murray River in South Australia was named in his honour

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