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01 April - Sir Paul Hasluck, Governor-General of Australia

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Australian Birthday Today,

Sir Paul Meernaa Caedwalla Hasluck KG GCMG GCVO KStJ was born on 1 April 1905, at Fremantle, Western Australia.

Sir Hasluc was an Australian historian, poet, public servant and politician. Hasluck was the17th Governor-General of Australia.

While in office, Hasluck granted PM Whitlam a double dissolution in April 1974 (with an election on 18 May) when the Liberal Opposition threatened to block the Budget bills in the Senate. Hasluck's term as Governor-General was due to expire in July 1974.

Whitlam had offered to extend his term, but Hasluck declined.

Life in politics
He was educated at the prestigious Perth Modern School (where Prime Minister Bob Hawke was also educated) and at the prestigious University of Western Australia, where he graduated with Master of Arts degree

At the 1949 election Hasluck was elected Liberal MP for the Perth electorate of Curtin. In 1951 the Prime Minister, Robert Menzies appointed Hasluck as Minister for Territories, a post he held for twelve years. This gave him responsibility for Australia's colonial possession, Papua New Guinea, and also the Northern Territory, home to Australia's largest population of Aboriginal people.

Hasluck was briefly Minister for Defence in 1963 and 1964, and then became Minister for External Affairs. He held this office during the height of Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War, of which he was a passionate supporter.

Hasluck treat to the Liberals
It is alleged that Gorton was uncomfortable having a potential rival such as Hasluck remaining in the Cabinet.

In early 1969, Gorton offered him the post of Governor-General, which he accepted. He resigned from Parliament on 10 February 1969, being the first Western Australian member of the House of Representatives to resign.

This may have cost Hasluck a second opportunity to become Prime Minister, since in 1971 Gorton lost the Liberal leadership, and the Liberals might well have turned to Hasluck instead of McMahon had he still been available.

Sir Paul Hasluck died at the age 87 on the 9th January 1993, Gosnells Western Australia


  • 21 February 1969, as Governor-General-designate, he was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG).
  • During his term as Governor-General, on 29 May 1970, Queen Elizabeth II appointed him a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO), an appointment within her personal gift.
  • 24 April 1979, he was made a Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG).
  • The Federal Division of Hasluck is named jointly after Sir Paul and his wife Dame Alexandra Hasluck.

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