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24 March - Colin Petersen, Bee Gee's drummer & child actor.

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Australian Birthday Today - Frederick Colin Petersen (aka Colin), born 24 March 1946 is an Australian drummer, record producer and former child actor.

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Petersen began his acting career at the age of seven. He starred in the film Smiley (1956), with Ralph Richardson..


Colin was forced to cease acting at the age of 10, as his mother felt it was interfering with his education.

Colin attended the Humpybong State School at the same time that Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb of the "Bee Gees." (Petersen was in Barry's class, though they seldom crossed paths in any significant way.)

Developing an interest in music, Colin learnt to play the piano but switching to drums.

After leaving school he played with several bands including Steve and the Board, and became acquainted with Maurice Gibb, who invited him to sit in on one of the trio's sessions in Sydney.

He ended up becoming friends with the family and ultimately played on as many as a dozen of the Bee Gees' early Australian gigs.

In London The Gibbs recruited him as their permanent drummer – the first non-Gibb brother to become an official member of the Bee Gees.

In August 1969, he left the Bee Gees and he was replaced by Pentangle drummer Terry Cox to record the songs for their 1970 album Cucumber Castle.

The Bee Gees' manager Robert Stigwood said about Petersen:
"Colin is a very level-headed person, despite being a racing car enthusiast. He's a very sophisticated person. He has a good appreciation of good food and wines. He's 100 per cent professional in everything he does and he's an old professional like the Gibbs because he's been in entertainment as a child as they were, too"

In 1969, Petersen and his wife began a management company.

Re: 24 March - Colin Petersen, Bee Gee's drummer & child act

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