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24 March - Busby Sydney's 1st water supply, "Busby's Bore"

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24 March - Busby Sydney's 1st water supply, "Busby's Bore"

Unread postby Max ADU » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:57 pm

Today in Australian History
Saturday, March 24, 1827.

Work begins on a project to pipe water to meet the needs of the growing colony in New South Wales.

John Busby, born 24 March 1765, was a mining engineer who emigrated to New South Wales in 1824.

He designed and created Sydney's first regular water supply in a project that became known as "Busby's Bore" or "Lachlan Tunnel".

The project involved tunnelling
3.6 km through largely sandstone rock from the Lachlan Swamp in what is now Centennial Park to a reservoir in Hyde Park.

Construction started, ironically, on Busby's birthday, on 24 March 1827, and took ten years to complete, being built by convicts who did not make a particularly motivated workforce.

Busby's Bore supplemented Sydney's original supply of drinking water from Tank Stream for around sixty years before it was decommissioned after it was found to be too contaminated.

As of May 2006, it was decided that Busby's Bore would be reopened as part of a project to irrigate the Botanic Gardens,

The Domain and Hyde Park with waste water. The Bore remains under the ownership of Sydney Water.

It is listed in the Australian National Estate Register and protected by a Permanent Conservation Order.
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