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A unique insight into the Ningaloo-Shark Bay natural environment.

The Real Thing State - Locals know as "Sand Gropers"
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A unique insight into the Ningaloo-Shark Bay natural environment.

Unread postby Travellin Tom » Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:33 pm

Some great underwater scenes. A great place to visit or holiday at. One of the many great reason to see Australia and in particular Western Australia.

Ningaloo-Shark Bay
In 1987 the reef and surrounding
waters were designated as the Ningaloo Marine Park. In 2011 the reef and surrounding areas were world heritage listed by the United Nations.

This is one of Australia's National Landscapes Nature Series is a collection of short films featuring uniquely Australian stories to provide rare insights into people and wildlife that inspire artistic endeavours, life changing journeys and lifelong passions in stunning Australian locations.

Tourism Australia and Wildiaries have unearthed some of Australia's quiet achievers, to tell a personal tale about their love for their home and the wildlife that occupies it.

This is one of the unique activities you may enjoy...

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