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The good and the bad of 2013 at ALLdownunder.com

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The good and the bad of 2013 at ALLdownunder.com

Unread postby Max ADU » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:34 pm

The end of the year is here and Flashback is now one year old.

With your support we
have grown and made some changes.

For a pair of old seniors, we cannot believe the support we have received in making our website a success. We thank you for this support.

Unbelievable Stats
This year ALLdownunder.com has attracted over 1.63 million visitors who viewed over 3.34 million pages.

1.16 million visitors where Australians (72%) with a great increase this year with visitors coming from USA, UK, Canada and European countries.

13.900 Ecards where send to friends and family with over 5,000 ecads sent in this month of December.

ALLdownunder's content has grown to over a massive 2700 pages.

Where there is good there is bad
The only downside and
disappointment of the year was the hard work my wife and I have done and the lack of understanding what is require by us to maintain and keep this website FREE - Time, effort and personal finances.

We are grateful to some of the users comments and small donations that were sent to help us.

My disappoint was with Ecard senders. For the past two years I have wanted to upgrade our ecards system so that you could send multiple cards, notify you when the card is viewed, store your email address and the ability to send out cards for you on a specified time and day

ALL year I have personally sent emails to senders of ecards that did not reach the people they sent the card too and the reason why.

"The main reasons why many ecards do not reach the person is either a spelling error in the email address or the person no longer has an email account at that address."

In the month of December after sending over 1000 emails and now I have stopped sending notification emails.

The reason is I got one email back from a sender, annoyed and wanting to know why their loved one did not get their email. In the Christmas sprite I took the time to find out why - Spelling error.

Each email ask if they could afford $1.00 donation that I could upgrade the ecard system..
NOT ONE PERSON SAID THANKS or MERRY CHRISTMAS for notifying them or had made a donation.

Times has changed.
Today, It more about ME ME ME and not a single thought of the persons on the other side of the screen.

The GOOD NEWS is we still love doing what we do and will continue to add new content and new ecards... enjoy

Happy New Year and please keep safe.
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