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4 December - "Alex" Gurney, famous for "Bluey and Curley"

Who is having a birthday in December?
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4 December - "Alex" Gurney, famous for "Bluey and Curley"

Unread postby Max ADU » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:31 pm

Australian Birthday Today - Alexander George "Alex" Gurney born 15 March 1902, Stoke, Devonport (now Stoke, Plymouth), died England – 4 December 1955, Elwood, Victoria was an Australian artist, caricaturist, and cartoonist.


    At age 13, he served a seven-year electrical apprenticeship with the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission in the hope of becoming an electrical engineer.

    He started submitting work to The Bulletin, Melbourne Punch and Smith's Weekly in 1918 and 5 years later, in 1923, he was awarded first prize at the Kingborough Agricultural Show for "an original pencil drawing"

    In 1926 published his book of his caricatures of eminent Tasmanians, Tasmanians Today, the first book of its kind ever published in Tasmania.

    Alex created several comic series; Stiffy and Mo (based on the radio comedy starring Nat Phillips and Roy Rene) for Beckett's Budget; and The Daggs for the Sunday Times.

    With his success in 1939, Alex was endorsing Red Capstan, cork-tipped, "special mild" cigarettes, but he was also supplying the advertisement's art-work as well at the same time Alex created the characters for which he became famous: Bluey and Curley.

    During the war, as an accredited war correspondent, he visited army camps throughout Australia and New Guinea to ensure authenticity for his strip.and contracted malaria and was incapacitated for some time.

    Having been ill for several months, collapsed in his car parked outside his residence at Elwood. Gurney died suddenly of heart disease, on 4 December 1955.

    At his funeral service, more than 500 journalists, artists and friends attended that was held on Tuesday, 6 December 1955 at St Stephen's Church of England, Gardenvale.

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