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10th January - Australian Slang

Time limit... check each quiz as it may vary.
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10th January - Australian Slang

Unread postby Max ADU » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:15 am

Here is another crossword for you... the theme of this crossword is Australian Slang.
Aussies have their own language... hint you may find the answers here Speaking Australian Section.

You can now type your answers on the crossword - PLEASE note.. it does not save your answers.
Post your answers in PostReply

  • The member with the most correct answers wins the points.
  • You have the option to post your answers to help others complete the crossword but at the same time they may steal the points from you, OR you may want to wait till the last minutes to post your answers. Remember the member with most correct answers wins.
Ok.. 20 answers required... and because I feel good I am going to make you a deal... if you answer all correctly I will award you 5 points PLUS 2 extra bonus point ....

if time runs out... I get 2 points... BUT I will also award part of the 5 points.. to the person that gives me the most correct answers..

    1- 5 Correct answers - 1 Point - 4 for me
    6- 10 Correct answers - 2 Points - 3 for me
    11-15 Correct answers - 3 points - 2 for me
    16-19 Correct answers - 4 points - 1 for me

    and another BUT... I will be awarded in addition to my 2 points any points that was not allocated..

    Time start NOW.. you have till Sunday 9 pm 13th January to give me the most correct answers
    Can anyone get ALL the 7 points?

We have a winner... BAMBIE is the first one to fully correctly answer all the crossword.. A great win and awarded 7 points

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Re: 10th January - Australian Slang

Unread postby Bambie » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:31 pm

Thanks for the hint.. to look at the website for the answers.. :D

Across Down
1 chrissy 1 cobber
3 cozzie 2 yonks
5 smoko 4 skidlid
6 arvo 6 anklebitter
8 floaties 7 woop woop
9 galah 9 gob
10 ooroo 11 bludger
12 bushie 13 stroppy
14 lippie
15 aggro
16 sunnies
17 cuppa
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