Australia at 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games

Australia sent 180 athletes (145 men and 34 women) to the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. They competed in 115 events in 20 Olympic sports. Australian athletes have competed in all of the Summer Olympic Games since the games started. Australia’s poor showing with no gold and only a total of 5 medals prompted Prime Minister … Read moreAustralia at 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games

Last Minutes of a Forgotten Hero – Teddy Sheean

“The men in the water gasped in amazement as they saw the blood stained, desperate youngster wheel his gun from target to target” … author F.B. Walker AUSTRALIANS CAN BE PROUD of a true Aussie hero, eighteen year old Able Seaman Edward “Teddy” Sheean. Teddy started his life on 28th December 1923 at a town called Barrington … Read moreLast Minutes of a Forgotten Hero – Teddy Sheean

1971 Logie Award Winners

13th Annual TV Week Logie Awards Friday, 26 March, 1971 Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria Hosted by Bert Newton. Special Guests were: USA stars Michael Cole (Mod Squad), Bob Crane (Hogan’s Heroes), Peter Haskell (Bracken’s World) and Karen Jensen (Bracken’s World). The Awards were televised on the Nine Network. All Logie Awards by Year 2013 … Read more1971 Logie Award Winners

With The Cattle

by Banjo Paterson (1864-1941) Australian writer Published in The Australasian Pastoralists’ Review, 15 September 1896 The drought is down on field and flock, The river-bed is dry; And we must shift the starving stock Before the cattle die. We muster up with weary hearts At breaking of the day, And turn our heads to foreign parts, To take the stock … Read moreWith The Cattle

2002 Country Music Awards Winners

30th CMAA Country Music Awards Ceremony 2002 Golden Guitar Awards Saturday, 26 Jan 2002 Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre (TRECC), NSW Toyota was the sponsor this year. “Golden Guitar” trophies were given to winners. Highlight of the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Awards was organised by Country Music Association of Australia Awards by Year … Read more2002 Country Music Awards Winners